Vermiculture – These vermins are a great quality protein source, about a little more than 60% crude protein. Along with this, they are easy to culture as their feeds are readily available or at least very easy to acquire. These worms feeds on organic matter like gamefowl litters, freely available right? And after they multiply will become a protein supplement after some time.

A very good implementation on your gamefarm. Also the vermicast will also very beneficial to your plants and trees that is integrated to the farm.

Just remember the four important stuffs. They are the feeds (organic matter), moisture, bedding and air.


Their feed are easy to acquire, I use the fruits and vegetables peelings as their feed, some kangkong leaves, rice hull, plant leaves and any resource readily available. Put in mind that the more variety of feedstuff you put the better. I don’t put any materials that may be poisonous or may be a hazard to them such as apple seeds or papaya leaves.


Once a week I check and maintain a 50 to 70% moisture.


The bedding may be from 12 inches to 18 inches. No significant added production if you make the bedding deeper as we are using composter worms, they thrive in horizontal manner unlike the “soil workers” that thrives vertically.

African Nightcrawlers

Remember use composter worms. I am using African nightcrawlers. They are easy to acquire, just go to the nearest Department of Agriculture Office, they will give your starter worms for free. Or you can go to other agricultural farms that culturing worms.

Before I put the worms in the bedding, I see to it that the bedding (feedstuff) are precomposted (partially composted). It will take them longer to eat it. And also it will attract ants.


When checking or maintaining the moisture I also use garden pork to aerate the bedding after.

On Regular Operations

After some while you could top harvest the vermicast (the shit of the worms). They put their shit (waste) on the topmost portion of your bedding. Then you could put it to your garden. This is a powerful organic fertilizer.

vermicast in close up
Vermicast is the excrement of the worms. A great fertilizer for the plants and trees on the Farm.

After aerating or harvesting the vermicast cover it (mulch) with rice straw or rice hull, or even kangkong leaves. This will add more activity in day time. I spray effective microorganism once a week. Remember add more molasses to the E.M so that the sugars will promote breeding of your worms.

More on integrative agriculture for more integration.

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