Travel Checklist

Before the day of travelling, earlier may be even better, prepare a travel checklist of what to bring. This checklist will help you that you won’t left anything needed behind as long as it is in the list.

Our regular list includes:


Every single ingredient of the pointing feed must be listed, and bring enough amount of the ingredients. If you are hauling a week or even more before the fight such as fighting in different provinces, you might need to list and bring every individual ingredient of the conditioning feed too.

Different source of grain may upset your gamecocks, though you may think it is less to occur, unfortunately it really do occur, upsetting the gamefowls system due to change of grain source gives a lot of problems. A quick example is if you change the corn variety of the diet may result to an upset of the digestive system and elevates to a more stressfull state and results to a poor performance. This could be explained by the microfauna is different to the grain they used to consume.

Effective Microbes

it will help you on preventing digestive system upsets and even help you to prevent the bad bacteria from infecting the gamecocks in the new area like the new cockhouse to be used.


Your nutritional and energy supplements must also in the list and not be left behind. This includes the items to be used on applying the supplement like syringe.

Feeding Cups

Of course. And funny as well sad to say, some forgets to bring this feeding cups.

Mixing Bowl and Spoon –

for mixing the feed.

Knife and Chopping Board

Electric heaters – used for hardboild eggs and also for coffee purposes


You may even need to bringin the local water if it would just take about 3 or less days before fighting. Bad bacteria may build up in the water you brought if not consumed within three days. Don’t believed it? Most of the voyagers on the sea on the early days of sea voyages died because of this simple problem. That why they brought more rum than water.

You can use bottled water, and it would be preferred by most.

Limbers and Paddings – 

bring a limber and padding for each of your gamecocks.


Mini Brooms

Buckets and Dippers


Foam for wiping the feces. Use foam, this is the most economical and most effective wiping material.

Cover Cloths

Cloth for covering the resting coops.


the gamecocks can’t rest pretty well without this thing so this is a very important stuff to bring.


Gloves for the teaser cock.

Tie Cords

Cords – you may bring a couple of regular cords and a long one.

Personal folding pens.

It is also good to bring your own folding pens. – these resting coop eliminates the possibility that the gamecocks will be stressed to the coop as they already got used to it.


If you have your own personal gaffs, always bring it. If you are good, the chance is your gaff is far better than from your gaffer. And also if your gaffer doesn’t show up for some reason, there won’t be anymore problem regarding gaffs because there is an available gaff around.

Personal Stuff

Of course. Shirts, cash, phones, chargers. Anything that you need and for the activity. And bring the personal stuff that would make you comfortable, if you don’t get comfortable on the new area, the chance is you won’t perform at your best on managing and pointing the gamecocks.

Blood Clot Drug

For the roosters after the fight. This drug will save gamecocks from dying due to internall bleeding, and also preventing a lot of blood loss resulting to faster recovery.

Lights, Sockets and Cords

Though not always used, but still great if you bring. You won’t know if you’ll be needing one.

Chair and Tables

A couple of Chairs and a table if the cockpit do not have any to be rented.


Do not forget the tickets if flying. We even bring things like bronchial dilators apparatus, if the gamecock isn’t from our farm.  This apparatus comes in handy for those suddenly shows some signs of respiratory problems and there is no replacement available.

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