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The Range Area


The range is certainly needed for a young gamefowl to develop properly, this includes reflexes, stamina, power, instincts, experiences, etc. Such development consequently would not be developed if gamefowls were put into relatively small pens. Furthermore brood fowls must also be ranged whenever the farm is not breeding them. The range will ensure to make them healthy. If given a good range, area broodfowls will also replenish the nutrients lost on the previous breeding activities.

Minimum Size

The range area would not to be smaller than 600 square meters and must give not less than 20 meters each gamefowl. To make the grass and the insects recover in the range area must be rotated eventually .


Ground Cover

The chickens needed these grass as additional nutrient source, it is also believed to prevent and cure some gamefowl illnesses. The insects in the range will give aditional quality protein and also the benefit of giving the gamefowls some activity hunting them.

Dust Bath Area

In the range provide them area to dust bath. The bath would make them relaxed and recover from muscle tensions just like a massage for humans as well as taking a hot bath.


Added to the dust bath area is the mineral-rich-soil (as natural mineral supplement) where the game fowls also, particularly the hens, can peck to.


The range must have lots of trees to roost to and fly around besides from giving a shaded area on the range, even in the noon you can see them fly and play in the trees. Addition to this when heavy rains, even typhoon, comes the chicks have some cover for the wind.


Water must be available on the range area. The water source must be close enough for workers to work efficiently. Besides from the gamefowls themselves, the water is also needed to replenesh the grass, plants and trees around the range area, specially in the summer months.


Grits must be also supplied to the chickens even as young as day olds. Though sizes of grits vary from the age and size of the gamefowls. A good range also provides these grits to the game fowls. Grits are needed for the gizzard function efficiently and effectively.

Litter Management

There must be a management of the chickenpoop too. So the pathogens would not get accumulated and transmit diseases to the gamefowls. There are lots of ways to manage the chicken poop.

Most farms remove the poops twice a week and transfer the poops to a secluded area. As time goes, even in seclusion, eventually pathogens build up and transmit diseases, usually respiratory diseases, to the farm. Such system will definitely make more expenses with antibiotics making it not the best practice. A better litter management practice is thru the use of beneficial organism. It will positively cut  labor, time and will convert the trash into more beneficial and productive matter. Read more about benefical shit.

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