Pitters Duties and Responsibilities – a Reminder

Usuallly good handlers know about all of these duties and responsibilities, but many become pitters because they just want to release the gamecock in the pit. Aside from properly priming (warming up) and releasing the gamefowls in the pit prior to the fight. The pitters has lots of duties and responsibilities that many forgot or even do not know about.

Since most pitters usually handled the gamecock before gaffing, we would start on weigh in.

Note: It is necessary to know the house rules of the cockpit or the association that you are fighting on before a pitter or handler takes responsibility in the pit.

On Weigh in

Many do not even know the weight requirements of a replacement cock or stag. And even some weighers (the employee who checks the weights) too, especially if the association rules are applied to the particular event. The replacement must not exceed the actual weight of the gamecock but may be less than 35 grams.

Another one that many do not know about even some weighers. Associations do not want anyone’s time to be wasted. So, Every minute of delay after a minute an entry is called for weigh in is fined with half the minimum of center-bet.

On the Pit

Another that many do not know about. Is upon called to go inside the pit. Every minute of delay after a minute an entry is called to go inside the pit is imposable of a fine  with half the minimum of center-bet.


Because this is seldomly happened many forgot this one too. Collect the imposable penalty of the opponent before releasing the gamecock. Before the release is is the right moment you can collect the penalty payable to you. Don’t ever let this pass to avoid more effort collecting the penalty.

Bad Shape

Pitter is the first person responsible on determining if a chicken is in a bad shape. Do not just rely on the committee, they may overlook a bad shape here and there.


Many association or cockpit is strict with this enclosure rule. going out of this enclosure is imposable with penalties and suspension or disqualification to release anymore. Ask the referee at once if you want to, specially if there is something that may be wrong inside the pit. Even if the cockpit do not have penalties for  going out the enclosures, do not go out unless you realy need to, specially if you just wanna dance inside the pit because your chicken is winning.

Partiality or Incompetence

Be aware, referees make mistakes, it is a fact. Observe in real-time and complaint as soon as possible.

The result

Accept the result with right conduct by shaking hands with the opponent. Whatever the result is, learn from it.


If one has complaint this could be resolved ethically in a proper way, not by shouting and intimidations.


The pitter may need to rush the gamecock to the quack doctors. For emergency purposes, bring antihemorhagic drugs.

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