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Make the Winning Bets

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to go to the cockpit and after enjoying the event you will go home with winnings? Yes! In fact there are lots of ways to do that.

Before we go on, let’s review a bit of some terms you may need to know.

  1. Probability – How likely a thing could happen. Analysis of the facts will give you the probability of the results.
  2. Gamblers chance – A probability of a win versus losing.
  3. Educated guess – a guess based on facts that is more likely to be true.

True professional gamblers always bet with a high probability to win versus the probability to lose. And they always base their decision on facts and educated guess, not just on ordinary guess. In order to make a living they must make their chance at the highest possible.

Gathering Facts –

This is the very key of your decision. The more information you have the better. Remember we will now base our decision on real information.

The Tough Ones Vs. The Lame Ones

For an instance on a particular derby, just after the fight schedule was released, look for the fights of a great breeder/entry owner versus an entry that is seldom to win. A good example would be a poor NBA Team versus a healthy and sure play-off team. Even if you make them play with each other for ten times the playoff team will win at least 7 times. Another example is go to a classroom of high school students, get one on the top 5 of the class and get one on the lowest 5 of the class. Then make a quiz bee out of the two group of students, now you can bet on the one that you get on the top 5.

Out of every hundred fights there is 10 that will be fights of the said example. This is a true fact. So you better have information about who is competing on the derby and their current status of competency. Meaning your information must be updated and reliable. Those in the top ten breeders/participants will always have winning about at leat 70 % versus the participants that are seldom to win.

Background of the Participating Entries –

Another fact is there are entries that are not prepared. Their gamecocks has just been pulled quickly into the derby for some reasons. This really do occur, and you better be aware of it.

There may even be a gamecock that is fixed to lose. And is another information that you needed, to avoid betting on the fixed loser and even bet on the opponent. Sad to say that few men still do these kinds of cheating.

To add some example – the entries that getting replacement cocks because of problems like illnesses, even stupidity on the submitting the weights of the cocks. The key is the information about the replacement cocks and those that are not being replaced.

Seasoned Vs. The Young

Another fact is if an aged cock and a stag is fought, 7 out of 10 fights aged cocks win. This is a true fact and comes in handy.

State of the Individual Gamefowl –

On stag derbies don’t bet on those stags that is lacking most of its tailfeathers, like if it just have about 3 to 6 tailfeathers. You can, very seldom,  see them win. And they only win because the opponent is just a very very stupid one.

Participants with a couple of entries may have different state of the gamecocks with each other entry. It doesn’t mean that because they are an entry of the same owner it will now mean they are with the same state. An example is, it may come with different farm with different handler. Or the second entry is just a quick entry that is not a prepared.

There is No Undisputed in Cockfighting

Another valuable information is the winning percentage of a certain breeder versus other certain breeder. An Example is breeder  A has just won once versus Breeder B out of their 7 fights. Even Breeder A got more champions than breeder B, you may still bet on Breeder B.

Just think of it that you are being an sports analyst. You base your betting on true information, and the more information the better. And your information must always be updated correctly. As if you are like an intelligence group about gamefowl statistics.

Bet Selectively

And remember just bet selectively. Don’t bet on every fight, it will make your chance lower if you bet on every single fight. Out of a hundred fights you will have a minimum of ten fights to bet. So manage your bet pretty well. Have a happy and winning watching from now on.

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