Knowledge and skills

Knowledge and Skills of a Good Farm Manager

A good farm manager must have the following, if the farm manager don’t have all the following the farm manager maybe is just a glorified farmhand. It would be best to start attaining these knowledge and skills.

Critical Thinking Skills

Ability to compare, classify, evaluate, recognize patterns, analyze cause-and-effect, and apply logic compose critical thinking skills include the. Critical thinkers often use a what-if approach, and they have the ability to evaluate their own thinking and reasoning.

Employers seek job candidates who can demonstrate these skills and bring them to the workplace. Critical thinking are valuable in every industry, where

The Chicken Sense

Aside from farm operations, in gamefowl related activities, we also call this critical thinking skills as “chicken sense”. This is the reason that what is suppose to be a common sense is not common to all. Most people are the procedural type in which they just follow the procedures of the task at hand, such people will find it difficult to get a good critical thinking skills. A good way to add these skills is have a good understanding of the whole operation, the principles and the objective, and can add a good decision then, specially on realtime.

Technical Knowledge

State-of-the-art knowledge is extremely important in the operation of the farm. Managers should maintain and update their technical knowledge about gamefowls, as this would be the foundation of the decisions to be made. One may attend good trainings to maintain or update their skills. Exchanges of experience and get answers to some questions from fellow enthusiast will also update your skills.

Good Communication Skills

Even just orally, a manager must communicate effectively to the owner. Many farms had collapsed because of bad communication. Business skills – managers may also do some business related activities like financial, promotion and sales.

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