Integrative Agriculture

Integrative Agriculture

A gamefowl farm would be more productive and will be economical in the long run if other agricultures are integrated with. It will also creates a great contribution for a well suitable environment for the gamefowls.

The following are the ones that we integrate with our farm. Feel free to read along, you may get some ideas there.



Timber Trees

Fast growing trees are good addition to farm, for about 6 years you will have good timbers to repair your farm house and fascilities. Though these timber trees are advised to be on limited number as these fast growing trees will absorb the moisture around the area instead of replenishing the surroundings. Plant more endemic trees than these fast growing ones, especially the imported groups of timbers.


We love these trees as it gives fruits all year round. We use this primarily is for animal consumption. Its a very great snacks for the livestock including gamefowls. We put some in the range areas and in the perimeter. It is also a feedstuff for the BSF Larvae.


For a quality protein supplement and natural fertilizer for the farm.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Culture


We include the mealworms for additional source of quality protein. We intend to try this sometime in the near future.

Stingless Bee

If pollinator are to be added in the farm, the best one would be the stingless bee. As it’s name suggest you wont need to worry your gamefowls will be stunged by these bees. Though we cant add article yet for this one now because we are just about to add stingless bee to our system and other farms that we develop.


Easy to propagate and comes with high prices in the market. You could plant these along with the cord area, it don’t don’t require much space giving you a good option to integrate with the farm.


Cassava are very easy to propagate that you can just leave them on their own. Making them a great addition to your farm. It also gives some temporary shades to your area. You may plant these cassava along with the cord area and other unused locations of the farm.


Aside from easy to propagate and gives a bulk amount of fruits, papaya also provides a quick shade to the farm. Making them a good temporary shading to your cord areas.

Other Crops

You may integrate other crops as long as you adjust the distances accordingly. See example below. The yellow and big black dots are big trees like lanzones together with cacao, coffee and dragon fruit.

Other ingredients of biocides that you may experiment to

Lemon grass, neem tree, makabuhay, madre de agua.

Don’t forget to add favorite fruits the members of the family. They will enjoy harvesting and eating this fruits when visiting the farm. Making the weekends on the farm more joyful.

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