Double-Edged Gaff -A Story


One time on the mid2000s while tying a knife on the gaffing room in a 5-cock derby.

I asked the owner of the entry to check the blade of the opponent, as always. I asked if it is a double blade (double sharp edge) the opponent is using, he certainly nod. And I said to myself ‘why I didn’t think of the owner of the opponent’s entry, I could even call him a friend he won’t do such cheap shot to me, my bad..’. But I still want it to be checked because the handler keeps saying it is a double edged blade.

To make the story short. The chicken that I gaffed got wounded in the back of the left wing even the opponents blow is obviously missed because it is a definite overshot. At that very moment I knew that it is because of a double sharp edged gaff. That broken left wing made the fight hard and eventually the cock that I gaffed lost.

Just after the fight, I quickly rushed to the opponent. I still catched them while the gaff still on, but they are very-very keen on taking that gaff quickly. I said, ‘let me see if it is a double blade, your gaff is so good im just curious’. The gaffer replied nothing and won’t let me hold the leg at first. I still managed to hold the leg, and he start to fall away. I then let the electrical tape, attached to a fork-like branch, slide on the back edge. The electrical tape has been cut up to a little over the mid part. I said to the opponent group ‘this one is a sharp one and I don’t even put a preasure on it but still it had been cut’ and I continue ‘don’t worry the fight is over, I won’t make an apeal. Thanks…’

Then I realized, the derby promoter also the opponents entry owner is the boss of the owner of the entry I gaffed. That’s why he can’t even say a word when I asked him to check if the opponent blade is not double edged.

And the opponents gaffer seems to have guts as the entry he is gaffing is the one that owns and promotes the derby.

One thing for sure I’ve been ready and waiting my double edged gaff. Planning to use it for every opponent that use doubled blades.

The next couple of months I encountered again the gaffer on a derby and I used the knife that is personally prepared for him, a super super sharp double edged gaff specially prepared for him. My chicken got his chicken in one blow, it almost cut the chicken to a half.

There are lots of lesson in this story.

  • One is don’t ever trust your opponent to not make any cheap shots, even if you think he is may be a friend.
  • Two only ask your trusted assistant to check on some things, or better if you yourself check things.
  • Don’t ever just entrust the fairness of the game to the authorities, including the referee, the owner or any other committee. You must do things that will ensure the fairness in your behalf and not just entrust it to others.
  • Cockfighting is not just as a hobby and a sport, to some people this is a tool for their business and profession’s relations, to some this is the very profession and their source of living that they will consume those honest and innocent people.

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One thought on “Double-Edged Gaff -A Story”

  1. I still believe that fairness in this sport is still being practiced. But again, there’s a saying that “always watch your ass” or protect yourself at all times. Praying that the love and fairness for this sport is the ultimate goal for us gamefowlers. Mabuhay Pilipinas, Mabuhay Sabongeros???????

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