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Don’t Bet Your Last Shirt


When I’m just a college student many-many years ago I always went to the cockpit every derby. I won most of the time as I know those who are fighting there with which one is good and which one is just hoping for some luck.

I don’t bet when the two fighting are just about the same status of know-how or winning record. If both are hoping for luck or if both are good I don’t bet on those kind of fight. As for today I still do this, the key is know who are those that are fighting, kind of analysis and betting.

One day I went to the cockpit with the cash for paying bills, a 3-month-payment for the apartment and a 3-month-payment for the electricity. Honestly I don’t intend to bring it there it’s just I’m excited for the winning that I don’t drop the cash home before I went there, besides I thought that I have the discipline that I won’t bet that money even if I lost my own cash.

So about midnight I had lost all my allowance now. So I want to break even at least a little and I bet just about a small amount that can be covered easily. But I lost for 5 straight fights, wheew those lame cockers got lucky. Little did I know they just became better with their chicken ways.

To cover and to cover the lost, I bet more and more until I lost all the cash I brought including the payment for the bills. Wheew I think I sweat all the water in my body that time.

I have about 10 days to pay the bills but I don’t have cash anymore to pay it and allowance too. So I owe to my classmates my allowance for the week. Then the next derby came by as also my allowance. It was  just about 2 days before my electricity could be cut off.  I thought that I lost the money in the cockpit, I might get it again in the cockpit too. Fortunately I won a doubled amount of what I had lost last derby.

So I survived to pay the bills. Then I haven’t do that again upto this day. And I hope I won’t do it again. So my advice is “not to bet your last shirt” imagine if I haven’t won on the next derby. I could be sent home not to go to school anymore that I haven’t finished my degree, but even so maybe I could get to handle chickens earlier. Lol J

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