Calamansi integration

Calamansi is profitable and easy to maintain thus a good choice to integrate with your game farm. This calamansi could give you lots of profits to help you on your expenses on your game farm.

Shade and Moisture

Calamansi prefers a well drained soil rich in organic matter. They just have a moderate tolerance to drought and shade and can not tolerate excessive moisture. Because gamefowl are not suited for damp soils Calamansi and Gamefowl could get along very well, making them perfect for integration.


Plant them with the same distance as with your teepees. The best distance for planting calamansi is at least 5 meters so perfect with your cord area and range area. Some farms, to utilize the land more they plant this calamansi with a distance a little less. But because you are just integrating this with your gamefowl farm you could use the best distance experts advised (5m). This calamansi trees will be a shade for your fightingcocks.


For us we use the grafted seedlings. Usually the available only are marcotted seedlings. Just check if the marcoted seedlings do not came from an old tree, see to it that it came from a tree that just started to fruit heavily. The reason is the old tree somehow don’t fruit as the younger ones or they just fruit to an excessively low rate after just a few years of production.

Gamefowl Poops for the Plant

The other thing is that your chickens droppings are reach in urea that the calamansi also need. It would be better if the chicken poops will decompost first before applying to the trees. A second option will be to dress them around the tree. After cleaning the chicken poop every morning or while cleaning the chicken poop. Just put the droppings around the tree or seedlings about 4 to 8 inches apart. Don’t let it get contact with the tree/seedlings trunk. The best application of fertilizer in plants, when applied in the soil, is under the distance of the leaves as this denotes the distance of the roots in the ground.


The trouble about this calamansi is it could be infested with red mites, so the red mites could be a problem for the calamansi and the roosters. After you delouse the game fowls, there is another source of energy for the red mites to reproduce to infect your game fowls again. So you need to delouse the game fowls and spray the used solution to the calamansi after. It is nothing to worry about as it is easy to control.

Other Integrative Agriculture

All in all calamansi and the gamefowl farm are well suited for integration. Read more about integrative agriculture for more info.

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