BSF Larvae and Gamefowls

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Easy and cheap to propagate but a great integration to the farm. A great protein source and makes surplus feedstuff for the gamefowls and cuts feed expenses in the farm.


Construct a bin like the one above/bellow. Then add a paper/plastic board above the bin. The bsf fly will lay its eggs on this board. Also notice the harvesting container.


Add the feedstuff on the bin. And w8 for the eggs to hatch. Eventually after several days you could notice lots of little larvae in the feedstuff. On this early stage, you could notice that the regular house fly larvae dominates the bin, just w8 for a few more days these regular housefly larvae will leave and regular flys wont lay any more eggs on the bin. The BSF larvae excretes some chemical that repell the house fly.

Remember not to add feedstuff from citrus family. bsf eventualy die from any citrus family feedstuffs.

The only difficulty is the feedstuff for the larvae. Unlike for the African nightcrawler, feedstuff for BSF larvae is not readily available.  There maybe some available in your kitchen but it wouldn’t be enough for the farm. You may import feed materials from the market such as coconut milk byproducts, banana and sweet potato peelings and fish gills and intestines. We are already experimenting using bought materials like rice bran, rice middlings and any cheap materials, as per our computation it still cuts some cost and adds more protein to the whole feeding system of the gamefowl.

Self Harvesting

About 9 days after you add the feedstuff. You will see bsf larvae in your harvesting container. That the good part of this system. You take advantage of the natural instinct of the larvae to crawl up to dry themselves when they are about to morph to pupae. And when they crawl up they end up in the harvesting container, they simply self-harvest.


Moisture, temperature and feedstuff are the key for a successful setup. Observe and adjust accordingly. Larvae tends to leave when the bin is dry or waterlagged. Sometimes you may need to spray a bit of moisture to the feedstuff. One may use a glove and get a handful of feedstuff, squeeze it, there should be no dripping water and the feedstuff is still firm. That would be your target moisture. Since Philippines is a tropical country, it can take advantage of the bsf whole year round. For other countries, you may see your nearest agricultural offices for inquiries regarding BSF, you may also search the internet if your country have a BSF.

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