Integrative Agriculture

Banana on Farm Integration

Bananas are easy and very benefitial to integrate in the farm specially with the range and cord area.


On the range area these bananas could give even solve half the amount of maintenance cost of the farm. Specially including the wages of the farm hands. A really profitable integration.

Environmental Benefits

Replenishing Plant

It will also create an environment well suited for the growing gamefowls. Just add some tree around and you will have a great range. These bananas cools off the area, replenish the moisture of the surrounding and insects will propagate around that the chicks may play around preying.

Insects for the Flock

These insects will add lots of benefits. It will add to the nutrition of the gamefowls with a high quality protein, it will add also an activity for the growing chicks and the ranged breeding materials by hunting these insects as the chickens natural prey.

Fast Growing Shades

Bananas are also the best to mix in the farm especially if the farm had just been planted young trees. They are called replenishing plants. Young trees don’t gives shades just yet as they are just still small, they also need the shades given by the bananas. They don’t yet serves their purpose. And bananas can give these shades while the trees are still young and small. Bananas are fast growing and easy to be transplanted. When the trees grows big enough. You can now decide if you want to remove these bananas on your farm, but even the trees has now grown, bananas in the range won’t do any harm but gives a lot of benefits.

Free Quality and Complete Nutritional Supplement

Separate the one that don’t pass the standard good size, sell the good sized ones and retain the other. You could then give to the gamefowls as snack this nutritious fruit, rich in potassium and phosphorus, for proper bone and egg shell formation, in fact it has more vitamins and minerals than apples.

You may wanna read banana on our gamefowls We recommend the Cavendish subgroup of banana, it is more expensive than the silk group in the market and very good to eat. Imagine some of these bananas together with other integrative agriculture would be served in your table, your family will love it every time you bring some.

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