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Banana for the Gamecocks

Bananas are already widely consumed in the athletic community. Just because it is pretty cheap it is not taken seriously by most people. Bananas are naturally fat and cholesterol free, a great snack for the conditioned gamecocks as well as for the whole flock.

 They contain three forms of naturally occurring sugar as well: sucrose, glucose and fructose. These sugars, along with other healthy compounds provide immediate as well as sustained energy, a great help for the final pointing period. In pointing comes fight day banana also helps to make the gamecocks feel full longer, delaying the kick-in of hunger. Another thing is, compared to other fruits, bananas are basic, meaning it would not make your gamefowl more acidic than normal.

The nutritional value of bananas is unmatched as well. You can research for a fruit that delivers as many potent nutrients as a banana but you can’t find any. Bananas are good sources of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals – absorption of these nutrients are effecient than pill-form multivitamins that we are giving to the gamefowls. People know these even jokes “A banana a day keeps the doctor away” with apple.

For a good supply of banana, banana integration will be productive and economical for the farm.

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