Antibiotics on the Ready-to-Fight Gamefowls

Bacterial flushing is done every month in the farm. For the conditioning period, it will help the gamefowls as they will start the conditioning keep with at minimal bad bacteria within. This is some kind of assurance that you are starting the conditioning keep with the gamecock disease-free.

Also some antibiotics do promote tissue repair and growth. Additional reason on the antibiotics before fighting (while conditioning).

Though beneficial, applying antibiotics to the ready-to-fight gamecocks must have certain precautions. And these precautions sad to say, are not even known by some of the known handlers around.

Antibiotics Carries Water

Antibiotics carries water. So if the antibiotics isn’t withdrawn on the time of pointing. Basing the body moisture of the gamefowl on the feces may be inaccurate. So the withdrawal period must be met prior to pointing the gamecock or stag.

Most of the reason why some handlers apply antibiotics, even 7 days before the fight, is because of poor immune response of the gamecocks. Their gamefowls usually exhibit symptoms of illness comes pointing proper to three days before. Because of relatively small number of replacement, some handlers resorts to applying such late antibiotic flushing disregarding the withdrawal period, which is not recommended for optimum results.

Though this is still could be done, but basing on the feces (droppings) may be in accurate. And the only way you can do to gauge the moisture of the body of the gamefowl is the way you feel their body. This isn’t a problem to experts on handling and pointing. But for those relating to the feces, you will have an inaccurate reading. The best way for those basing the moisture on the feces is give the time needed to withdraw the antibiotic and give immune and resitance boosters to the gamefowl. And the gamefowl resitance will be acquired actually on how you condition them. Meaning the gamecock has been introduced to a lot of varieties of stress prior to pointing so they are not affected greatly by most stress sources.

When doing bacterial flushing take note to Rotate Antibiotic Families every month to reduce if not eliminate antibiotic resistance problems.

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