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One of totalgamefowl.com’s commitment is to promote breeders and raisers. So we are making ways how breeders and innovators promote their farms and other products.

Previously we had made a platform for anyone to showcase their farm or products, anything related to gamefowl. The platform lets anyone to sign up, create albums of their stuff, like bloodlines, videos, products, etc. It is aimed to provide anyone to be recognized with their products and help them commercializing it. This platform is free and will always be free. As of the moment we temporarily deactivate the platform until we make a solution for the following matters.

  • Screen for quality. We don’t want someone buying poor quality products or misunderstandings about the products.
  • Showcase the breeders/raisers/innovator with minimal exertion. We want things easier for you including uploading images and videos etc.

Featured Videos

We had added a section that will show submitted videos alongside the articles. This is aimed to show the cockfighting world your great fights to anything cool or innovative videos. This section will help you to be recognized by helping you reach more people or prospective clients. This section is always be free.

We made it hassle free for you, you don’t have to edit your videos, let us do the work of adding labels for you. We will also create your own individual page showing all your videos. Please send us the videos with all the labels that you want to be added. Like

  • farm name
  • owner or entry owner
  • location
  • contact number
  • and any contact information that may help you get connected with people like
    • facebook link
    • instagram
    • tweeter
    • or anything that will help you get connected with your future clients

At the moment please send the videos or images at [email protected] or [email protected]

Start creating cool videos now, send us and we will help promoting your farm.

Thanks and God bless!

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