Totalgamefowl.com, is a reader-centered website doing educational content production about gamefowls and cockfighting. Dedicated to aid enthusiasts to see and understand more our beloved sport, along with helping every reader to become and stay competent and ultimately elevate their competencies with all the resources we could share.

The Team

The Total Gamefowl is a team of talented and passionate people. Collaborated and united to form their best and optimized standard principles and methodologies regarding current and future gamefowl arts and disciplines.


Started on 1998 as a concept, when one of the team needs to elevate his cockfighting knowledge and skillset preparing to experience competing in Metro Manila, back then it seems easy to win in your locals as it was hard to gain technical and practical knowledge and skills about cockfighting thus giving you a great advantage when you know the sport more than your competition. The concept of having aregular and free content distribution about cockfighting was conceived.

In early 2000s friends ask friends to help them sell their gamefowl products making additional concept to have a platform where anyone could sell their product. Not every good afficionado have the luxury to invest in magazine and TV show promotion, so another concept is to give afficionados a chance to showcase their farms was added.

On late 2000s, the team continued to climb to higher levels, and for the first time the team experienced their lowest winning percentage, 33%. Making the team review every principles that may contribute to their methodology and have a reboot of their whole system. Little by little the team reached their optimized solution, their whole system was finalized after a couple of years.

It was 2013 when the team received lots of questions and inquiries about how do they do it, particularly with the teams way of doing things. But the thing is no one could answer such questions with just a couple hours of phone calls or even a day or two of chat. Cockfighting has just many, very long and broad scopes of disciplines.

In busy times, the team would just point out to do their research on the internet, particularly surf on video sharing, discussion boards and join groups so they might get lot of information there. But many had observed, that on video sharing, group chats and discussion boards, although they can acquire good information, aside from they find it hard to dig in the good stuff, is that it also contain junk ideas because anyone can post their own stuff (even stupid ones), well its a free world :). Still the team insist there are lots of good stuff out there.

In 2014, as a thank you token to the world of cockfighting, the team decided and had launched the totalgamefowl.com. Free for use to anyone, with features of any one can showcase their own farm with anything that regards to cockfighting, marketable products, bloodlines, achievements, video etc. In addition the Total Gamefowl team’s proven principles and methodologies of doing things regarding cockfighting is produced. About a year after, with the whole teams busy with more stuffs, sadly the team could not find the time to support the site, temporarily unable to bring the free service with all the concepts mentioned.

In April 2019 The Total Gamefowl is back for good. Dedicated to aid enthusiasts to see and understand more our beloved sport, along with helping every reader to become and stay competent and elevate their competencies with all the resources The Total Gamefowl could share.

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